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The Power of You

In a pandemic, we can be our own agents of public health. MyCovid Passport equips you to feel supported and safely re-engage with the people you care about most when lockdowns lift.

Organizing information in a personalized way gives you the chance to be the agent of your own health journey during Covid-19 times.

You choose when, with whom, and how you want to share your health status. When others share with you, you get to decide when, how, and how much to interact based on first hand information.

Check-In →

Feel empowered to monitor yourself and create your own health history.

Connect Safely →

Adapt to new social norms while making the best choices for you and your loved ones.

Manage Health →

Keep a record of your wellness and your emerging key health symptoms. When we all do this, we keep each other safe.

Share Your Status

Choose to re-engage with those most important to you by providing each other updated health histories.

MyCovid Passport is a way to check-in and create a personal history during Covid-19 times when you are both symptom free or have emerging symptoms.

You can do this for yourself and others you love. A quick and easy share of each other’s health status helps everyone feel comfortable and safe when planning social interactions.

What you put in

Accurate and repeated self health check-ins through guided intake questions

What you get out

An easy way to remember and understand your (and loved ones) personal health picture across five key areas. Send and receive health histories. And keep a journal of your Covid-19 experiences that is coordinated with your health picture.

Key Areas


Level of exposure


Coughing or shortness of breath




Other symptoms


Mental health matters

Color Scale


Most serious


Not well


Under the weather


You are well


Self check-ins have been shown to be critically important in fighting viruses like coronavirus. The new normal of our daily lives can feel ungrounding. Understanding your own and your loved ones’ health status (even when well) helps us better navigate our new circumstances and make more informed decisions that benefit all of us. Sharing our journeys with each other makes it easier to reach out for help, help others, or just know we are not alone.