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Institutions, organizations, schools, businesses, and sponsors use MyCovid Passport as a tool to help focus on reopening operations.

Sponsors of MyCovid Passport will receive a code required to access the app.

The code is a unique ID associated with the sponsor that can be shared with employees, families, and community partners.

We believe that the value of MyCovid Passport extends beyond the walls of one business or organization, which is why we want our partners to feel empowered sharing their code to the app with others in their community.


Why partner?

  • Be a leader in getting your employees back to work, safely.

  • Benefit your institution by helping its community get back to being social again, thoughtfully.

  • Opportunity to make a significant difference during these critical times through our community health initiative.

  • Gain access to MyCovid Passport for your institution and sponsor the app for your community.

  • Join us in getting everyone back to social life, safely. Join us in making community health a priority. Email us at