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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this called a “passport”?

MyCovid Passport is a way to check-in, verify, and create a history of your Covid-19 health status for yourself and your loved ones (and it will help scientists better understand this and other pandemics).

Who is behind MyCovid Passport?

MyCovid Passport is powered by the social benefit, PreeMe+You, in collaboration with doctors and infectious disease researchers at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

How can I diagnose myself with Covid-19?

Only health care providers can diagnose and test for Covid-19. MyCovid Passport tracker is not a diagnostic tool. It is a self-monitoring tool for tracking symptoms (or lack of symptoms) over time. This helps with a better understanding of recommended actions, and eases communication with medical providers, should you need it. Your tracking helps them ‘help you’ get clarity faster.

How do I go about knowing whether I should seek medical help?

The MyCovid Passport’s five-color illness severity system guides users through questions and statements. By knowing what color severity your symptoms are in and how it’s changing, you will be able to understand when to relax, when to self-manage, when to call a medical provider, and when to seek immediate help.

How can I be prepared to act if I see no symptoms now?

If you aren’t experiencing symptoms now, tracking how you are feeling over time through MyCovid Passport will help educate you about Covid-19 should you or a loved one start to experience symptoms.

There’s a lot of information out there - how should I determine which resources to follow?

We understand how complex the sudden rise of Covid-19 is, which is why expert doctors and researchers have built this tool- to serve as a personalized way to engage with health information. Our system organizes the most relevant information personalized to how you are feeling.

What can I do to prevent myself from being exposed to Covid-19?

While it is scary to feel like you may not be in control of being exposed to Covid-19, everyday practices such as frequent hand washing, limiting handshaking, covering coughs and sneezes, avoiding crowded public spaces and staying home when possible are worthwhile to try and prevent exposure. Also, understanding the framework that medical providers use to help you will give you tools to engage in the best, most up-to-date practices, and feel better.

I’m confused on where to seek help - what do you recommend?

Given there is a lot of information that is rapidly evolving every day, we recommend familiarizing yourself with MyCovid Passport as a way to filter the immense amount of information out there, to understand your personal situation. Monitoring updates from the CDC would also be helpful.

Is it coronavirus or am I just congested?

We understand how lines can blur, leading to confusion and frustration by not knowing whether you may have Covid-19. By tracking your symptoms over time, you can monitor how you are feeling in a streamlined way to help prioritize your best health outcomes.

How will we start to engage in social interactions and what can we do to keep safe?

As we think about what new social norms might look for us all and seek to optimize for safety, tracking yourself and validating your Covid-19 health status over time is socially responsible. You can choose to share your status and history with those close to you as you plan social interactions, such as play dates, dinner parties, event attendance. Gaining a mutual understanding about where everyone is coming from will allow us to make the best choices.

Why is there a code?

Many good things we rely on today started with a code, such as Gmail. A code helps us address the changing needs of Covid-19, build to a diversity of experiences, and keep our rollout thoughtful.

As a public health initiative, we are always happy to share the access code. Email us at to learn more

Content put forward through the app is provided for informational purposes only to allow users to track their health and Covid-19 status. MyCovid Passport does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Any information from MyCovid Passport is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.