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About Us

We wanted to create a tool that was focused on helping you make daily social interaction decisions, without a hidden agenda. We are grateful for the public health data being collected, but also feeling the everyday ‘me’ was getting lost.

MyCovid Passport is a public health project that uses anthropological findings to honor diverse experiences with Covid-19.

MyCovid Passport app is developed by the team at PreeMe+You, a social benefit health start-up. Using a proprietary anthropology of care digital architecture, MyCovid Passport was adapted from the PreeMe app, which has shown clinical significance for reducing worry, empowering communication, and improving health disparities.

In collaboration with medical experts at the University of Chicago (infectious disease, pediatrics, public health), and a group of big hearted individuals who rolled up their sleeves and donated their time to help with vision, tech development, operations, and purpose, MyCovid Passport was born.


How did MyCovid Passport come together?

We wanted to give back and share our expertise in helping decrease worry during periods of frustration and uncertainty. We applied the technology that drives PreeMe+You to help with the Covid-19 pandemic. We are committed to helping individuals and communities access expert health information and empower themselves to apply this information to their daily needs.

The PreeMe team creates anthropology of care algorithms and digital architectures for empowering health interactions. We quickly realized that the digital architecture we have built with validated clinical significance in reducing worry and improving health disparities for preemie parents facing health uncertainties of their babies could be used more widely.

After all, social isolation is not a new concept in the world of neonatal care management. Preemie parents are experts at self-isolation and must do this to prevent respiratory infections when their babies are discharged from the neonatal intensive care.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Yaya Ren, PhD/JD

Founder, Technology & Chief Medical Anthropologist

Dr. Ren is a medical and cultural anthropologist. She is passionate about bringing the science of human interactions to create mobile technology solutions that improve quality of life and health outcomes for preemies and their families. She has conducted extensive field work capturing the social-emotional and health disparity journeys of NICU families in the U.S and Taiwan, focusing on bridging communication gaps between medical teams and families. PreeMe+You combines her industry experience bridging online-offline social interactions with her social science expertise in NICU medicine and epidemiology.

Dr. Bree Andrews, MD/MPH

Medical Advisor/Co-Founder

Bree Andrews, MD/MPH is a neonatologist practicing at a large urban university hospital who wants parents and their baby(ies) to have the best experiences in the NICU and beyond. She is leading a research initiative to improve parenting quality of life in the NICU by creating high-quality opportunities for parenting engagement. She also nurtures families once they go home in a regionally recognized follow-up clinic for medically complex patients. Bree joined PMY as the medical expert on NICU practice and care.

Dr. Stephen Schrantz, MD

Medical Advisor

Dr. Stephen Schrantz is a physician at the University of Chicago specializing in general infectious diseases in adults and children. His work is focused on pediatric to adult transition of care for children with congenital or childhood acquisition of HIV infection and the care of pregnant women with HIV and their exposed children. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been involved in research and clinical care of patients. He routinely lectures on this topic and is assisting in local efforts to better understand our best responses to COVID-19.

Daniella Cohen

Community Engagement & Project Manager

Daniella Cohen is a recent graduate of Brandeis University where she studied health policy and was mentored by Drs. Ren and Andrews. There she spent many days talking to NICU medical teams and preemie families while writing her thesis on technology in the NICU- earning her the highest honors in her graduating class. After a year spent as a Fulbright scholar, Daniella has joined PreeMe+You as a Community and Project Manager.

Jason Stewart

Sr. Product Designer

Jason Stewart is a Sr. UI/UX designer and technology consultant, collaborating with clients worldwide to bring their big ideas to market, build momentum and scale. His experience includes the launch of advanced web applications focused on healthcare IT and management, medical technology, and relationship marketing for rare disorder therapies. Jason joined PreeMe+You in 2015 as the Sr. Product Designer.


Who is this for?

This is for the everyday us: parent, daughter/son, friend, teacher, coach, single person, dating person, frontline health worker, childcare, delivery, food services, warehouse persons, and each one of us who must make decisions about social interactions now or in the near future. We all are eager to give and receive hugs again, but how will we get there? How will we unawkwardly and compassionately check in to communicate our health status and ensure the safety of each other? This tool is a small step in that direction. This tool was made for the collective us–the me and we in each of us.