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MyCovid Passport helps users check-in with key areas of their health and manage getting back to being social again, safely.

Powered by PreeMe+You, in collaboration with doctors and researchers at the University of Chicago Medical Center

MyCovid Passport helps us stay healthy and safe.

Understand your health status through repeated self check-ins across five key areas.

MyCovid Passport was designed from the patient’s perspective and programmed with information that doctors would want to know to help make decisions.

Dr. Stephen Schrantz, MD
Infectious Disease/Adult Medicine/Pediatrics
UChicago Medicine

Dr.Schrantz on the safety aspects of playing golf during Covid-19


Level of exposure


Coughing or shortness of breath




Other symptoms


Mental health matters

Plan future social interactions thoughtfully.

Manage your health and choose who to share your passport with.

Until there is a vaccine, MyCovid Passport is here to help you get through the new normal of Covid-19.

  • Key Area Framework

There are five key areas that are important to self-assess and track: status (level of exposure to Covid-19), breathing (cough/shortness of breath), temperature (fever), body (additional symptoms), and mood (mental health matters too).

  • 4 Colors

Red, Orange, Yellow, and Blue. This color scale is easily recognizable to your medical team. Each color corresponds to a different level of severity. Red is high severity and requires medical attention and/or self-isolation. Orange is moderate severity/high self-quarantine. Yellow is low severity/light self-quarantine. Blue means you are well. After answering questions, each key area will be designated a color. Colors will stay the same or change to reflect how you feel.

  • A Passport for Collective Trust

Establishing a personalized health history creates transparency and a common language, guiding actions that help ourselves, our loved ones, and each other. Knowledge and coordinated efforts are powerful tools to ease worry and stop the spread of Covid-19.

  • Self Check-Ins

Self check-ins have been shown to be critically important in fighting viruses like coronavirus. The new normal of our daily lives can feel ungrounding. Understanding your own and your loved ones’ health status (even when well) helps us better navigate our new circumstances and make more informed decisions that benefit all of us. Sharing our journeys with each other makes it easier to reach out for help, help others, or just know we are not alone.

Pandemic times can be confusing and stressful

By checking in with our health consistently over time and developing a passport of trust, we choose who we share Covid-19 records with to safely adapt to new social norms.

MyCovid Passport helps you better understand and manage your health

Colds, flu, and Covid-19 share similar symptoms. Tracking your symptoms will help your health care provider get on the same page quickly, should you need it. You know your body best.

Download MyCovid Passport

Now available for iOS and Android.


Content put forward through the app is provided for informational purposes only to allow users to track their health and Covid-19 status. MyCovid Passport does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Any information from MyCovid Passport is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.